We are delighted that the Moray Badge Platinum Jubilee has now begun. The project is open to all children and young people aged 5-18 who come under the Moray Council Education Department in Moray and Banff, and Home-Schooled pupils are welcome to participate too.

Schools have been sent details from Moray Council on how to register their pupils. Any parent of a Home-Schooled pupil should contact the Project Leader, Helen Moore, on to find out the separate arrangements for Home Schooling registration.

The three badges are age-related:

Platinum for ages 12-18 (S1-6)

Copper for ages 9-12 (P5-7)

Brass for ages 5-9 (P1-5)

Each badge will have three levels. Pupils all start on Level 1, completing at least five activities from a wide choice before moving on to Level 2 at the end of October. They can also take longer to complete this level if they wish and can join throughout the year. Schools have been sent Record Cards for these Level 1 activities and these can be downloaded for each pupil or their parents to record the activities undertaken. These Level 1 activities are all free and can be undertaken in school with teachers and with Active Schools or from home with families and friends. Any school which wants to propose an additional activity to count towards a level, should contact Helen Moore to have that confirmed.

Several outdoor organisations have already agreed to work in partnership with us to offer additional activities across the region. These will be publicised on our website in advance with a link to the organisations’ websites so parents can check their policies and book directly with them for each external activity.

Badges will be presented at a ceremony to mark the Platinum Jubilee in late May or early June 2022 and individual certificates showing the level each pupil has achieved will be sent out to schools before the end of the summer term.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the Project Leader Helen Moore on or


The Moray Badge Platinum Jubilee does not accept any responsibility for any injury or loss incurred by any child or young person whilst undertaking or taking part in any activities in order to work towards the Badge. Any such activities are undertaken entirely at their own risk. Those activities and experiences that are offered by other third party organisations will have their own safety, child protection, insurance and liability policies in place which can be viewed by parents on the respective providers’ websites.