morayemergencyrelieffundLaunched on 10th April, after 10 weeks the Moray Emergency Relief Fund has now made grants totalling just over £100,000.This is an amazing milestone. In the early weeks this included providing laptops and printers for home schooling. Generous local people and businesses have already donated nearly £170,000 to the fund and there have been nearly 350 applications-some of them more than once.

The assessors who speak to the applicants and their referees, aim to deal with each application in 24 hours. These assessors are from the Lieutenancies of Banff and Moray including the two Lord –Lieutenants.

Major General Seymour Monro said: “It is really satisfying to know that so many people in COVID 19 related difficulties are being helped through the generosity of local people. Moray is pulling together. It is heart-warming to receive messages of thanks from people whose financial problems have been eased and who say that ‘they have been given hope’ when their cheques arrive. We anticipate that we will be dealing with applications for some time to come.”